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MAJOR New York City ART CRITIC JERRY SALTZ of New York Magazine endorses the Peace Walkway global art project.


"This is Going to be the Most Powerful Monument for World Peace!"

Landscape Architects Networks Magazine Major article reaching over 1.1. architects, urban planers etc. in 80 countries world wide. Also New Gandhi museum South Africa plans install of peace walkway, ALONG WITH KUMARA NZ, SIDNEY AUS. TUSCON ARIZONA and many more. World's largest Peace walkway monument in 100 locations world wide using smart Iot App to interconnect all locations to teach peace making methods and history.

Major articles in Internet of things Council, world's largest think tank for internet of things, smart cities technology innovation globally. The concept that "streets can teach" because of embedded or smart phones discovery and reading information, then sharing that a world away. Read the full story about:

 "World's largest "smart tech" Peace monument, ever, underway!"

Over two dozen more articles on the "smart tech" Peace walkway project covering it's Internet of things innovations have been published world wide also.

Billion Acts for Peace backed by 13 Nobel Peace Laureates & Google endorse project


Billion acts for peace nominated 7 times itself for the Nobel Peace prize, and backed by 13 Nobel prize winners, Google and dozens of other major corporations endorsed and featured the Peace Walkway, to it's over 9 million active peace making activists world wide, making this project a viral reality.

A new Virtual Reality production company to take the peace walkway App even further in it's capacity to teach peacemaking.

TECHNARTE world Art & Tecnology conference in LOs Angles 2017. One of twelve speakers on art and technology: see here.

Recent 2016 Premise Article:
Hyperallegric art blog Click

Present Global Symbol Art Projects:

Make Peace Movement global project: 2012 Presently this project is rapidly expanding world wide and has over 25,000 online followers across all social media, thus turning it into a world movement for anew "peace" symbol and flag. See it all here: Articles & World Press

End of War: Your Re-Imagined Peace Sign Report - WNYC

Paul-Felix Montez .... broadcasting the finest programs from NPR, PRI and American Public Media, as well as a wide range of award-winning local programming.

Art Week magazine: 

Highlight & Statement:Large scale sculptures, paintings, public art works. Recent exhibit N.Y. Times quote"It's extraordinary" of his Prayer Room 2011 exhibit.


Additional Fine Art Projects:
COIL BALLET Set, music, direction New Ballet is slated for production 2014 - 2015:
Large scale “Coil” sculptures become set of new Ballet “Coil” being produced at Peninsula Ballet, San Mateo Ca. production 2012

The PRAYER ROOM ART Installation exhibit: addressing 9/11 through art and architecture. The exhibition presents full scale replicas of a room set aside in the World Trade Center for Muslims to pray in and a staircase landing on 163rd floor next to Windows on the world Restaurant. These large scale replicas, are juxtaposed against the original blueprints and full scale drawings of the structural elements of the towers themselves, turned into art works. In addition there are 18 more art works exploring this intersection of American ideals, ambitions,monumental architecture, prayer, religion  and the most basic human need to find a place.

Prayer Room art works now under consideration for 9/11 Memorial Museum New York City

Recent Global Art Reviews & Interviews:
Samuel G. Freedman N.Y. TIMES: The power of the Prayer Room exhibition: "It's extraordinary"
Art Threat Magazine: Full Interview Amanda Mcuaig: Exhibition photos: Manhattan News magazine New York: By Julie Shaprio
Paul-Felix Montez's installation "The Prayer Room" would recreate former Muslim prayer spaces at the Twin Towers”. Full exhibition photos: Sarah Rahman
“Prayer Room address America’s religiosity”
Additional major media and news outlet interviews:
CBSnews/New York city,, and over 100 other world news outlets and services.

Additional Exhibitions: New York City & Los Angeles
Ten downtown pier sculpture exhibit
112 Green street exhibit new sculptors with Gordon Matta Clarke
Bowery Sculpture exhibit.
LA Contemporary art gallery
Designs for OccupyFace poster and mask now part of permanent collection of Smithsonian Museum , Washington D.c. and well as 12 other museum collections in U.S.

Creative Design Background:
Mr. Montez has design sets, theme park elements, sculptural designs, for major films such as: Batman (Tim Burton) Indian in the Cupboard (Frank Oz of the Muppets director)  Cable Guy (Starring Jim Carrey) Armageddon ( Starring Bruce Willis)  Species ( Creature construction animatronics)  Godzilla (remake) Congo (ancient temples). He has designed exhibits and ornamentation for Caesar's Palace, Harrahs, and other casino operations. In the world of theme design: He has design elements of Universal (Jurassic park) Warner brothers stores, Disney theme parks and cruise lines. He has designed sets for numerous major stage and theater productions nationally.

Cooper Union School Of Art & Architecture — BFA (top of class) Major sculpture, graphic design, media design, film making.
High School Of Art & Design - Graduate (top of class)Advertising design, marketing and media, visual branding, package, illustration design and set design.


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