Prayer Room Exhibition 2010 – 2011

Here are a sample of the 18 large scale art works installed. The recreation of full scale tilted Muslim prayer space of which there were two in the World Trade center twin towers. One was a specific room on the 73rd floor south tower. Allocated as an afterthought. The other was a staircase on the 163rd floor, outside Windows on the world restaurant, Both were used five times a day, both were destroyed.

N.Y. Times Journalist Samuel G. Freeman about exhibit: "It's Extraordinary!"

Interviews with those who prayed in these rooms were also shown and specifically dealt with “memory” what were these spaces were like, how big, how were they used, how did the larger community think of them, etc. How did those who used them see them. The contrast of a room and space of life giving value versus rooms seen by the larger community being of little or no vale or utility explores marginalization. The themes of a larger society, it's cultural heritage in grand symbolic architecture, and the human scale world imposed on it by social, religous and cultural needs.