NEW American Story Ballet

First Full length Story Ballet in over 70 years


Coil New American story Ballet

 It is rare over the last few years to see a story ballet and even harder to have a story powerful enough to be understood in movement, music and set atmosphere Artist director Bruce Stievel of the Peninsula Ballet company of San Mateo Ca is heading development.

“Shuffle off this mortal coil”

From the most famous soliloquy ever written or spoken, Hamlet’s “To be or not to be”. by William Shakespeare.This one sentence inspired the core struggle the ballet presents, that of our mortal limitations, obstacles, defeats when faced withe the singularity of the human spirit, creativity, purpose and the drive to fulfill ones humanity in the form of transcendent self love and realization.
The coil Ballet is the story of one boy’s struggle against emotional and physical abuse to find his higher values and purpose. Thus the Coil sculptures represent in the play all of the forces which shape his struggle to live, from a web of lies, oppressive forces, overbearing weight on his life limiting for a time, to his own wholeness and freedom to express and finally his ability to meld with that which is universal “the circle” of life itself and transcendence.
A mighty task we have set out to achieve, but is not life that unique journey of an idea, a thought which propels us to live, to dare, and possibly triumph over what seemed joyous yet impossible.

Music, basic choreography, lighting & stage design concepts by Paul-Felix Montez