Global Symbols Project


Relational Aesthetics and Social practice art, define the overall thrust and efforts of the new Make Peace symbol's engagement and interaction with tens of thousands both on the internet and in the real global world. Paul-Felix Montez felt that the 21st century needed a more proactive redefinition of the peace symbol, something that could play a more vital and active role in social organizations at all levels of society and interactions. A symbol which could also be a vital political tool of moderates and non violent protest and social change efforts universally.

As a universal usage symbol, supported by numerous arts related grassroots, street and graffiti artists usage, creatives and makers, the symbol now find a life globally. Along with these efforts by individuals, protest groups throughout the world have adopted the symbol. A Make Peace world headquarters and Museum will open 2014 in Los Angeles California also with other major project and it's own peace film festival. To discover and see the full scope of these art works and their impact go to:

Earlier Make Peace symbol street sign designs are show in the slideshow above as well as a concept drawing for the future “QR cellphone coded” signs.