Dana Schulz & the Whitney’s engagement with Racism.

One need only ask why Dana schuss statement of her painting was a personal exploration of black pain to then be put on public display?
dana schutz whitney biennialWhat if any insights did she gain beyond the realisation that she could identify with a mother’s pain, but side stepped the issue that this was a black afro American mother, caught in a world of bitter harder and social marginalisation, segregation and the ongoing violence and betrayals towards young black men and women.
Somehow the insights into this other world end up not providing us with any insight gain by her, it is just a dull exercise in exploration and empty meaning created by a white artist. Why?
If the work first presented expanded this “personal insight” so that we could see that exploration and know it as part of the work itself, instead it is just a  depiction, the same depictions we have gotten so long of white producers and director of minority experiences. Could she not see that in paintings this, she would have to bring more of herself to but the work and its public life and display.
Sadly Dana Schuz’s painting is equal to her harshest critics statements, not a deeper and more powerful artwork exploring her own white race perspectives in using a black teenagers suffering and death in her work. It is as exploitative and ignorant as the curators and her have displayed in there comments to address the outcry, an “it just happened” attitude versus what should have been the exploration of the very exploitation it seeks to hide itself in as painting and art.


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