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Can a museum just be a virtual museum, can a museum also be located in any city park, street walkway, can both of these become connected. I have created a United Nations endorsed project called http://peacewalkway.org and VRpeacemusuem.org, both capable of living in communities, using the “smartphone revolution and apps” and existing to present peacemaking storytelling to the world in an in-depth VR experience completely immersive, and beyond language use, yes, even if you are

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The GUARDIAN NEWS: “The Visionary U.S. Anti Monument”

  The GUARDIAN news article published: A NEW VISION FOR AMERICA’S NEW INCLUSIVE MONUMENTS U.S. PROPOSED ANTI-SLAVERY MONUMENT SCULPTURE PROJECT- One of America’s first anti-slavery monuments is also in the works, a proposed steel monument by California sculptor Paul-Felix Montez, who has designed a pair of broken chains. It’s expected to face the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington. “Everywhere I looked, there were endless war monuments, but how many are for peace and how

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Dana Schulz & the Whitney’s engagement with Racism.

One need only ask why Dana schuss statement of her painting was a personal exploration of black pain to then be put on public display? What if any insights did she gain beyond the realisation that she could identify with a mother’s pain, but side stepped the issue that this was a black afro American mother, caught in a world of bitter harder and social marginalisation, segregation and the ongoing violence and betrayals towards young

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Damien Hirst and the new world of maxed out Post modern kitsch.

Damien Hirst and the new world of maxed out Post modern kitsch. The new Damien shirts exhibit in the “Unbelievable,”  Hirst’s work will be on view at the Palazzo Grassi until Dec. 3.in Venice Italy, the grand and monumental look at fantasy below th seas, of an unexplored world of artifacts mirroring our own iconic creations of Mikey mouse and more. Brilliant in scale but caught in a personal narrative and attempt at mythologically. It

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  Designing Wisdom, How? How can we design “wisdom” into our new world of tech, apps, virtual reality, architecture, public spaces and objects? One can see this recently in the shift in architecture from the grand aesthetic designs of large scale projects, to projects for the poor and third world taking the spot light, thus inspiring a level engagement for students, and architects who have not developed the big reputations, backing of major clients, while

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ART installations being found as ready mades are art

Below is the idea of art being in locations, as something found, forming art works, which when isolated by photography, take on art structures of formal composition, material usage and more.

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Jay Mark Johnson Photography as segmented time

Art critics CHRISTOPHER FINCH and PETER RANK discuss with artist JAY MARK JOHNSON his “WAVE LENGTHS” exhibitions. Excerpts from their conversation at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica, California on Thursday May 21, 2015. >ART PUSH< JAY MARK JOHNSON’S “WAVE LENGTHS” EXHIBITION from Jay Mark Johnson on Vimeo.

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Peter Frank & Andy Moses, Fractals shape Art perceptions

The following interview with Peter Fran art critic and Artist Andy Moses explores Fractals, elements of repeating visual structures, within visual structures: >ART PUSH<

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“World’s largest social engagement, global artwork”

This is Going to be the Most Powerful Monument for World Peace! Posted by LAN on Apr 6, 2016 in Fresh Trends, The Arts This is Going to be the Most Powerful Monument for World Peace! LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS NETWORK >ART PUSH< Fresh Trends: http://landarchs.com/this-is-going-to-be-the-most-powerful-monument-for-world-peace/ Article by Elisa A.M.Varetti ARTICLE ONLINE HAS FULL IMAGE SELCTION RENDERINGS 100 Miles 4 Peace, by Paul-Felix Montez; a global project in 100 locations around the world. Have you ever stopped

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