Apple Sculpture Proposal


images-1New Apple Headquarters Sculptural Proposal: Click images to enlarge
Apple1Installation of four large scale sculptures in stainless steel at four quadrant points, all orientated to north, south, east, west, around central circular main building structure. Thus acting as an aesthetic and artistic landscape visual marker.
Each sculpture is a variation on “computer, and mathematical references” brought into line drawing form, and related to sculpture space, mass, and density. Each sculpture makes direct references to “calligraphic form” as well as it redefines its relationship between artifice, mathematics, and nature, through its stainless steel semi reflective surfaces. One could say, the scale that they exist in, coupled with the changing arc of sun’s daily movements, redefine, their linear forms, through constant light and shadow interplay, based on time. click to enlarge images

Solar powered ground lighting illuminates each sculpture from dusk till first dawn, thus again redefining the visual forms from below, creating, an “artificial light waterfall effect”.

Apple2This proposed sculpture project, considering the architectural nature of a curved, circular, modular structure’s repetition, would provide in the proposed “wooded” landscape surroundings an aesthetic and artistic series of “point of reference markers” as well as a variable, visual artistic experience related to the core business enterprise in technology, computer sciences, and design.  These works presented here, can also, because of the “light and shadow effect” clearly represent themselves in other corporate locations as “dry fountains created by sun and artificial night illumination”.

Fabrication and installation: Monumental sculptures, specializing in construction and fabrication of large scale sculptures, outdoor installations in stainless steel, bronze, etc.
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